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Rental Apartment
Villa Babis

in Lakka - Paxi
Mpampis Grammatikos
& Eleni Grammatikou
Tel.: (+30) 26620.31.861
Mob.: (+30) 6978.707.114
(+30) 6976.516.868

Villa Babis is located in the village of Lakka, on a quite hill slope just 3 minutes away on foot following the stairs that start from the center of the village and bring you right outside the house.

Distance from the beach lasts 4 minutes on foot.

Run Period

Villa Babis is open from May to October in order to offer its services to the visitors.
Lakka - Paxi

Lakka is a scenic seasonal settlement with traditional houses, beautiful back streets and small squares. Around Lakka there are olive trees, pines and cypresses that impress the visitor.

You can admire the beautiful sunset from the Lighthouse and also the sea cave Ipapanti that was a refuge for the submarines of the allies during the Second World War...

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